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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Heart is the Mighty Pure

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer

The Heart is the Mighty Pure


Bullies Need Forgiveness and the Law of Love


The Sacred Circle of Heaven and Earth

Great Mother Spirit

the soul body our darkness
of heaven gifts

Heavenly Great Mother

Glory be the day of the Dawning we have come. The day of Glory it has come. So I'll fight to know Glory. I'll fight to know Wisdom and I'll fight to know my Kingsmen everywhere. So I tell you truly, I come to you with my heart. i gift all that I have inside of me. I give you my love that longs eternally to be a good kinsmen for all that thee.

Can I turn away from my brother (earth) when sister (heaven) needs are me (heart of the blue). I can only find my wisdom when I'm free. When I'm free. So I say to my Brother (luminous) I gift to you Sister (numinous) and Brothers and Sisters we will be.

I hold my hand out to you just wait for me please. Come hold my hand out to you just wait for me please. come home and unite with the leaves (ancestors on the tree of life, the physical realm of lights). So I tell you I need you. I've come to hold your hand, my love it only takes a stand.
Amen (one united humanity)
Sung from the Heart of the Blue Young Woman
Whispering Willow
Lavender Overlay Person
a Living Fire delivering Unity
a Blue person, always speaks from the heart of all the reflection


Great Father Spirit

the physical body our light of earth gifts

Earthly Great Father

Every day I look at the sky, everyday I see the stars up above. And in my Dreams of yesterday comes memories that flood. I am true, I am the Blue, the very heart of me and you. So let us sea the way of thee, the kindness that you seek. I know inside my Kinsmen who want to hide inside but to receive Rainbows can only shine if their light within is luminous.

Through the door of You, Great Father Spirit, then I will know the name of Your children. We are apart of Thee. Please hold to me (the blue), I'll set my kinsmen free if only they could believe, You could believe. There is wisdom inside when I go for a ride (motion of the soul where freedom is known). Just slide down from the stars above. Let Rainbows come home to You and Me at the end of time. There will be a pot of gold for always.

We must only foresee the love we have for Thee, Great Spirit Father. If only our love never steps aside and hides. So I tell You truly my heart is with You too, for only love will carry us through, carry us through. My heart is a glowing because of Your Love. I await the return of all of Your Beloved Children to my Heart. Until that day happens I will wait for Thee. For sure my heart is the Blue (reflection of our hearts). Keep me tight, hold my hand and understand. I love you. Come say hello. Come make a stand and we will be Bleu (freedom). I say to my family, truly my love is full, it overflows to all lands. I gift to all a drink to fill your cup again. Until then I wait for thee. Aho, may your spirit fly.


From the Heart of

Elder Lisping Wise One

“Eternal Bells”

Our Beloved Elder Blue Person

Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors
"the house of the beloved"

Saturday April 18, 2009

My Heart is the Mighty Pure!

Book I
Bullies Need Forgiveness and the Law of Love

In our World of Man we have many who are non-believers. Having no faith, they start to depend upon themselves rather than trusting others. And so they bully and make life difficult! But what happens to them,

our seemingly rational persons, then abruptly become totally irrational beings who make raw attempts at controlling all that happens in their space at the cost of everyone.

A non-believer (having no faith) doesn't want to be part of God's Oneness because they feel that they might lose their identity. They think that God and Religion with all it's regalia is "Mamby Pamby" (cowardice, shyness or stupidity). Criticizing it with any vocabulary that serves their own needs. Since God hasn't done anything for them, they think. Their hearts may feel hate towards God or Creation. They are angry that others who they trusted let them down. And instead of forgiveness and compassionate understanding, they gift (bullying) their own anger upon others through powers of persuasion rather than the heart. This person is full of sin and guilt, not even realizing why. Since he is not on a "Vision Quest" (no faith) to search within. And the very power that drives this kind of heart is fear. Fear that no one will come when they are in need. Fear that, "If I wait, they will attack me, so I will defend and arm myself." before the next blow to his heart is again received.

Believing that there is Power in bullying, the ego or the light body wants to attack. This is being a

good warrior, he thinks. Many kids are very emotional because it simply never occurred to them that their words could be so hurtful to others. They do not stop to realize that now he has become an

"Attack Dog Warrior" (no master, his own soul which he has dismissed), the fiercest of them all, where even the ones he loves are afraid of him. He has bullied and attacked all to maintain "the idea" of separation is Power." Thinking his own truth is understanding and not considering another heart, he does not realize he causes separation with his forceful ways. There is no faith in his heart, the unseen force of Heaven's realm (yellow way of brotherhood). For faith offers us Celestial laws to follow, the law of love (Red Road) and to be in the image of our Creation. A true warrior of God, forces law of love upon others to maintain order where chaos is known. Unfortunately, with this innate ego knowing of the "fierce dog warrior" without celestial law (the law of love, the red road) causes only separation. This person is not with others who are happy because they themselves are very unhappy. Nothing ever fills them up, their hearts have been turned off from others for so long. They may have even learned this behavior. The only way he knows to experience is being apart from others without unity. He does not share togetherness in the household or community. He denies others love and joy because he cannot share his dream with others so why should anyone else have a dream.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Bully. "If she is internally happy, he feels the need to stop it; again, because he doesn't understand nor does he want to." He moves from one realm to another not realizing his own heart's song. We can help him, if we truly love him, in order that he may return to his own heart.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It seems the Bully's personality splits apart into three persons. You know the men of science call it id (unconscious, primordial, space-time), ego (conscious, solar, luminous) and superego (subconscious, lunar, numinous). And the Christians say, "Father, Son and the Holy Ghost" (Mother has come home, our Holy Ghost from Heaven). The Yellow Skin say, "Yin, Yang, Tao". We keep dividing man into three parts. But where do these ideas come from? It is from the fact that light refracts because of three points of intersection as part of the Rainbow Colors. When a surface is created from three points, it refracts light. We call it a reflection, the very illusion of the blue (made possible by water). The light color bends giving an illumination or redirects the light motion.

Now, how does this tie into our man who lacks faith and tends to use his ego? Well in the second phase of evolution, we are leaving behind, the luminous or flesh body was the only realm we lived in or understood, the ego upon the Earth. The second rolling hill (evolutionary period) we are leaving now was to complete the mission, the male light principle. This is why we operated with the ego, to learn to become the Warrior and we did it well. So well that we have civilizations who ignore women and abuse them because the realm of the superego or numinous heaven did not exist in our luminous earth as of yet. In fact many light workers would even send dark beings from this realm of light our egos, back to the realm of numinous superego, not understanding that this was part of our Numinous Heaven which belongs to all of our dreams.

Within our time currently, we are entering the third phase of evolution, when Heaven the numinous representation of reality is now becoming part of our known realm. The realm of Luminous (light) our egos and Numinous (dark) our superegos are part of this folding space and the entrance way is a light from within, through the actions of joy. This means we must learn to share. We cannot send others back to where they came from. Instead we are to include them into our lives. We all live on the same shore, Mother Heaven (numinous) and Father Earth (luminous) integrated as Oneness we know as God, Heaven and Earth. As we become the one reflection evolution will take us safely into the third rolling hill in time. The dawning of our dreams to come alive and gift birth to our sacred thoughts will offer us true brotherhood in the Golden time (soul) ahead along the Red Road (flesh), the law of love.

We all journey inside the numinous, we call this dreaming. We all journey outside the luminous, we call this living. Now we all journey the circle of life, we call this time, the sacred space we are apart of. Here are three parts of the same. And what happens to a person who is a bully is that they move from one realm of existance to another realm, constantly moving but not realizing that their soul, the heart (unseen), and the flesh (seen), the garment of sacred four direction colors (rainbow colors) and the journey itself belong together, so they fragment themselves and blame others for not understanding their way to faith and compassionate understanding of others.

Book II

The Fruit of our Labors, the Returning

A person who is happy inside will learn not to allow others to spoil their day. But a True Pure Heart (a person knowing God's wisdom), a Heaven's Warrior of God will validate the Bully and then care enough to give law to the person who is migrating between realms. This person does not really understand he is harming so many people in his life. A Heaven's Warrior understands that this person is in need, not spoiling their day, but more of concern for those who do not find their own way homeward. The happy person exudes an golden air that eventually illuminates and penetrates others in the area, including the non-believer remaining hopeful that happiness would influence him if given a long enough period of time.

Kindness is often poorly thought of by the bully, because he only knows the realm of the "earth warrior" and hasn't learned the ways of the "heaven warrior" yet. And so he thinks, " Those who are using meek ways have no power". But he doesn't really know true Power, where all thing flow freely and where happiness blossoms in the heart of all who share together. He is trapped in his world where his dreams are alone and fear of knowledge or a vision quest (the reflection of himself) would take away from his ego. He doesn't know that he could have so much more, when Heaven arrives within him too. A dream he can share with others and where creation becomes reality of combined efforts, all starting with a dream. Now, he keeps his dream hidden from all to see, but what he doesn't realize is, that the Heavenly realm has access to all knowledge even where he slept last night and what he will be eating tomorrow. And since he has no faith, he doesn't ask. His misunderstood power is to be alone!

When a person is not willing to forgive others it is because they don't understand or simply don't want to comprehend anyone but themselves. Many times though, bullies think that if she learns something that he doesn't understand (remember he is remanded and stuck inside his own entrapment or jail sentence by his own choice, a form of ignorance), will try to bully her or become abusive to control her actions (seeking knowledge, definitely a heavenly numinous action of a woman with a heart). Putting her down for any reason, to stay in the realm of the "fierce dog warrior" of the ego. Remember it is from fear that makes his heart rise to the occasion. Fear of Heaven and the law that it brings with it, the law of love. Now operating from the heart is altogether a different way of living and acting. He is not prepared to move into the Heavenly realm of his soul upon the Earthly house of his flesh as of yet. So it is imperative that women around the world remember who they are, the law of heaven, the heart. The Celestial Army of Heaven, the numinous embrace of light has returned. Demand the hug (two hearts together, we all recognize sincerity) before entering into relations or communications. This is the law of love. This is the numinous part of our lives, the darkness which is unseen, the soul realm of our heart, our dreams.

Our dreams carry us forward into the Dawning ahead. When we live and teach forgiveness to others we ourselves are being kind as well as examples for our children to become. It is the time where the True Power of the meek, the law of the loving heart, will inherit all of God's riches. And the bully is a member of our reflection who is learning to come home, but has not found his way yet. We must offer him the alternative, the vision quest. Here all he dreams will come to him. These days, we have so many avenues to choose, but to keep it simple you could just start blessings. Bless your neighbor, your friends, family, enemies, house, community and your heart concerns every hour of every day. This one thing we can teach others to bless the space they live within and without. This will keep the untoward from coming near the illumination of the pure heart as well as invite all the relations of God homeward, when they are prepared.

We can pray for the bully that he will acquire the willingness to be kind. "I pray this person will receive my love." But you can do so much more. You can be the Warrior from Heaven saving brutal and lustful people, by severing ignorance with the Sword of Heaven, your voice. Give truth, only after you validate their heart of anger and hatred. Set them free by listening to their heart, then give them the right passageway to find their dream. Trust your heart. Give them the tools to arise from loneliness and despair. Help them find their own family and relations among the community where they are so badly needed by all. Let our bullies know that we care about them. Bless, Validate, Give law (your heart of what is right) then help them find a Vision Quest to find their own way. Each of us are perfect and the very image of God, the Heavenly Creation we are like and aspire to become. For Great Mother and Great Father know our hearts, and the time to learn about it is the present moment. Evolution does not wait for man, we are part of evolution. Apart of God's world, we become the reflection of our hearts, Heaven and Earth. Now the time of the Ego (luminous), who has been alone, will join together with the Superego (numinous) to know the Great Circle of life, our journey in time.

Let us learn about the perfect image of the Great Creation; here God's happiness belongs to you. If we follow the road away from happiness, then we shall never find it. The road to happiness always leads us homeward, towards each other. Now is the time of the Returning. The returning of our hearts. Did you know it takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile? There is so much effort in sadness and despair. We can only learn about love when we offer our gifts of the loving smile to each other when we walk down the street or when we help one another on our journey of life. Let us be determined not to let bullies change our pure heart, but rally us forward towards the returning as we learn to be Warriors from Heaven.

The fragrant heart and spiritual light welcomes you home!

Be the Rainbow Warrior, Stand your Ground and Speak your Heart

Be the Rainbow Warrior, Stand your Ground and Speak your Heart
A warrior validates others by saying, " I hear your heart" Or by repeating verbatum what was said so other knows they were heard. Then guide the other person to validate your heart. If they are unable, realize that you need to bless and give law by uniting the heart. Ask for a hug. (Hearts unite is law of love, the Red Road). If you cannot get this Hug, be sure to send love and a sacred heart blessing from you to the other being, realizing they do not know how to walk the Red Road, the law of love, which unites two hearts. Get a hug, Demand a Hug. Wife, Mother, Grandmother (numinous), stand your ground on this, especially for men, father, grandfather (luminous). We fight only for one reason, to unite separated hearts. It is imperative that Man switch from Left Brain Rationalism to Right Brain Heart of creation.

For only the numinous Heaven, who is represented by the Woman (darkness embraces and tends the fire's light) can integrate* both brain hemispheres at the same time, because Man or light, using only one brain hemisphere at a time, is on a Mission. This means Woman needs to ask for the hug, for this is the physical law of love, the Red Road. She is the "Fire Tender", or unseen (numinous, soul body) embrace to the fire's light of Man (luminous, physical body). Remember, validate the heart. Its speaks, "My spirit recognizes your spirit, the eternal flow of Oneness there is love." Negotiations can begin after sincerity of the heart is felt. Solutions are found together.

*(Nervous System bundles at the center of the brain cross. With each breath the cranial sphenoid bones move like a butterfly. This in turn stimulates the Nervous System at this place. Our hormonal activity increases and generates a response. Men are unable to use both parts of the brain at the same time. Remember he's on a Mission. Now, everything is changing, and Heaven our numinous or right brain will start to integration with left brain. Man is evolving. Woman uses both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, and this allows her to think while feeling. Men need prodding to move from one hemisphere of analytical thinking(left) to (right) of feeling and creation. This place between right and left is the center where the light is born from within.)

Written by
Holiness David
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Enjoy Divine Imagination and Love

Audio Holy Peace Vocals available each week at


HolinessPeacePrayerSong 04032009.b.wav

Venue: HolinessPeaceVocals
Title: Lakota My Heart,

the House of the Beloved where the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Stand

with the Spirit of the Lake


Down the road I travel, It's the Red Road I go.
It's my blood that flowing forever told.

We are a story that we each embrace.
My light grows with you deep inside we fly.

It's returning home this day, we've been gone for so long.
In front of me my heart grows fond of the red of road
in front of me, the journey of the embrace.

Let me tell you a story and story how to be free.
I will fill your heart with glory and know love with thee.
It's a shiny shore on the other side, it's dark shore at home,
but when we put them all together we have a shining shore.

Well the dark side said, "how are you?" I'm beauty and creation pure
and the Light side said, " I'm here my love, I come to gift you pure.
So darkness met the lightness and their hearts grow and blossom pure
and light grew within the well of life and God was born for sure.
A dream is born a child today and heaven and earth inside.
He (luminous) believed the journey the red road to come,

the heart the pure inside. The dream the pure inside.

So now darkness met the lightness and they had a child.
It's dream kept them going to journey all the while
and time past before them and they looked upon the other side.
And they grew, dreamed and journeyed so they could look behind.
So they could look behind

And in the space behind, they left behind the time and the stories.
They could not hold them anywhere but in the heart they bear,
but in the heart they bear.

So lightness met the darkness and a child was born a dream,
and time they carried in their hearts and now the house was born,
and now they journeyed together and they flowed and reflection was born.
The blue of you and me was here, the ocean of a story, an ocean of family.

So the darkness with creation met the lightness of her dreams,

and then they had a creation a child that filled their dreams,
and then they took the time and they pulled it in their heart,
and then it born a reflection. A family came to life.
Now how do i protect this, a warrior a true is born.

I give you sight to see the truth and prophet to give us glory.
Tomorrow will be born, tomorrow will be born.

So darkness she is a flower and lightness he gives to thee and the
past they carry the hearts embrace and a dream was born from thee.
They made a family reflecting love and then they protect the righteous pure.

This was the birth of family the perfect, pure and proud
and so we reach upon the realm. We reach the mighty pure.
We find the top of the mountain and we reach the light of pure,
and we reach the realm for more.

I have the one who carries all the stories, he's the voice,

the mighty the one that's strong. He (luminous) bears all the mighty,

his force the Army of God. He tells us all we must reach the other shore.

The other shore where heaven comes
and holiness is mighty and pure, where light touches the ground.
Where light touches the ground, where light touches the ground.

So I tell you the story, did you like my story?

And, i tell you the darkness she 's so beautiful.
And I tell you that the lightness he is so gorgeous pure

and i tell you yesterday, my heart I cannot endure,

I endure, I endure for love and the story continues.
We have a dream and it's born and it gives it light and it

carry my family the reflection of this love and i give it strength to endure.

I give my Whitey (One Pure Light) Warrior Vision to see the truth of the day
and the Mighty Warrior that guides us to the other side the realm

of the mighty and pure. So every day you look upon the garden and you

see the Holiness that's pure. The light that guides us every day in the dream

of God's pure garden that we endure. It's love we remember yesterday

and the dream that is born within inside and we carry it tomorrow to the

other shore to live the Gold (Golden Dream) inside.

The dream that's born inside the dream

that carries me to the other side.

(very low note) To the other side,
I take my step
I remember my heartbeat
I take my step
I remember my heartbeat
I take my step
I remember I dream

I dream
I dream
I dream


Sacred Drum played and the Sound of the step, Red Road, by Holiness Running Eagle

Singing the heart of the reflection by white buffalo calf woman


Peaceful Wisdom Prayer

Questions and Answers

Who: All people of creed, color & race (called Rainbow Clan or House of the Beloved)

What: Global Spirit Medicine, from the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer for embodying Heaven upon Earth

Where: From the heart of one to the Heart of all the related

Destination: Heaven and Earth, our related family, the Rainbow Clan!

When: Saturdays anytime from 00:00–24:00 GMT

Event posted: http://peacefulwisdomprayer.blogspot.com

Length: Movement 2-4-8-16-32-64 (harmonic vibrations) 1-3-5-7-9 (sound creation vibrations) words, sounds, tones, drum and/or symbols, instruments (no music reading, speaking from the heart)

Duration: Movement 1-3-5-7-9 allows other to join the circle, using sound creation vibrations to receive. Movement 2-4-8-16-32-64 minutes to help create loving waves and vibrations to give!

The Reflection of You and Me, Sacred Returning from the Blue Waters

Walk the way, Seek the Vision Quest

Great Father and Great Mother Directs all at the Eastern shore
70 the sacred circle

red road-, the law of love, tree of life, the physical realm, fastened to the earth allowing the wind (from water, soul body) to flow through the physical body (fastened and still), creating sacred space and sanctuary, through seasonal celebration and daily creations of joy, the flesh.

yellow way-, the law of the eternal spirit, fountain of life, the soul realm, flowing to and fro of the heavenly realm allowing the heart
from the eternal knowing of perfection, to guide the body of light as tools for the journey, the breath.

spiritual being - when the tree of life, the physical body, can fight for love and allow the true heart of the eternal fountain to flow, the reflection of the heart, a mirror to your feelings we see in each other through the blue waters and blue sky. This can only be done, if we care enough to share as contributing relations. We walk the Red Road, the law of love, by doing what we say. We walk the Yellow way, the true heart, by voicing our feelings.

white man- father nation, NE, leading the world of luminous
yellow man- child nation, NW, teachers of the yellow way, "law of spiritual love"
red man - twin nation
, SW,
"keeper of the reflection, the red road, "law of physical love"
black man - mother nation, SE, leading the heart of numinous

Vertical horizon - north ( land mass peninsula) golden
Vertical horizon - south ( land mass islands) brown


Intentional Design:gifted by Eagle Lightning Arrow
the sacred circle of heaven and earth, Joy to the World!

The Outer hoop is our Global Prayer led by

Holiness David
Tell him what prayers you may have to share!

Universal, All-inclusive, Created from Love, Intended for healing, Conscious Mental Telepathy with intent-thinking to yourself language, From the Oneness "We" perspective and Mantra-like Reflection to the World.

Creating Sacred Space:

  1. Light a single unifying candle.

  2. Smudge your space with incense.

  3. Speak aloud your intentions if you wish or be telepathic.

  4. Welcome your Ancestors of Spirit from Earth & Heaven.

  5. Offer gratitude for sacred and holy gifts received recently. Thinking of Eight Gifts will help to complete the sacred circle.

  6. Empty your mind, release and allow others into your space, state, "Those who are pure are welcome to join, others I give blessings of love." .

  7. Open to the place between the lights, the space of the darkness, the realm of heaven.

  8. Be here now, present.

  9. Enter into meditative state of the peaceful wisdom prayer http://peacefulwisdomprayer.blogspot.com
  10. Connect with Heaven's realm (Dark space where the soul moves).
  11. Witness what arises. Observe and share if you wish with the Elders. We like to share your stories to the world. Each of us have a unique perspective of "I" and this is the perfection, a joy light from within each of us. These are your four sacred directions to your reflection of this journey we travel together we call Life. email your stories to stories@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org
  12. Allow all things to pass away. Allow, receive, forgive and release.
  13. Remain as clean, clear & deep with each breath of life, our Souls vehicle often called the Merkaba, but we know it as the Breath. The rhythmic flowing of the ebb and flow, like waves.
  14. Stay complete, within your body. The physical body is fastened and still, the holy temple. While the soul body is in motion of the eternal flowing.

    We always start from our Physical Body and Return to the Physical Body after we enter flight of our Soul body. With our Intentional Prayer, remember the Joyous Returning to our Earthly Bodies!

  15. Give thanks for the opportunity to merge with Heaven.
  16. Share some of the blessed energy with your Elders
  17. Remember the gifts of that journey of the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer!


Separate Integrated Event Saturday

The Reflection of You and Me, Returning from the Blue Waters

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight

Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey

Photographer unknown Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

Pine Ridge Reservation
Saturday May 2, 2009, 12:50pm PST, GMT/UTC -8.00
Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey "Flight of the sacred circle of heaven and earth"!
Last week we went to join the stone river, but we had to go to get the key. It was a magical journey.
It was paradise. This week, we join the Elder Native Spirit, inside the Cave within the Emerald Mountain.
Hopefully next week we can join the river of stones. This is the very spirit of the lake within us all.
Aho, may your spirit fly! Hope to see you in flight!


Saturday Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight

with Heaven or Earth map each week:

Departing each week 1:00-2:30pm PST or 4pm-5:30 EST

Departing precisely 12:55pm to Meet at the Blue Lake!


Call in before the Event

at 12:50pm PST Saturday

Your dial-in number: 1-641-715-3715

Your unique PIN: #062013

International dial-in numbers,

Thank you for being part of our flight plan May 2nd, 2009.


Peaceful Wisdom Prayer

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with your heart as we deliver love to all!

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Saturday 24 Hour Global Prayer http://peacefulwisdomprayer.blogspot.com

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